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“I loved this book and feel that I could recommend it to so many people, from the enthusiast to someone bran new to the world of psychedelics.” – Therapsil employee, reader

Prep for your next experience with this five-week journal.

Created by a certified integration coach, Psychedelic Reflections offers advice and questions to help you prepare for your next deep journey.

Offering personalized, practical support for your next big “trip.”

Amanda Siebert offers psychedelic coaching

Explore the profound insights of your next psychedelic journey with me, Amanda Siebert, a health journalist and author turned personal trainer and Being True To You-certified psychedelic coach deeply invested in helping you cultivate an integration practice that supports your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. In addition to BTTY’s highly regarded 30-level course, I’ve also undergone psychedelic-assisted therapy training with Numinus Wellness.

As a coach, my role is to help you navigate the space between psychedelic exploration and your life in the “real” world. Embarking on a psychedelic experience can be intimidating. Together, we can prepare for an upcoming journey with one-on-one sessions that aim to address your deepest intentions, fears, and aspirations. With personalized guidance and a trauma-informed perspective, my goal is to support you in building both a mindset and a practice that will carry you through your experience and ease you into the process of integration.

The journey doesn’t end with the trip. Post-journey, our sessions will help you make sense of it, and together, we’ll translate what you experienced into tangible insights for your personal growth. I can also guide you as you weave those insights into your daily life, creating healthy habits and routines that allow you to truly embody what you’ve learned. With a pragmatic approach, I’ll help you harness the full potential of your psychedelic journey and foster meaningful, lasting change in your life.

My passion for this work was sparked by personal experience and nurtured through years of dedicated exploration. After working with a coach to prepare for and integrate a life-altering experience with the plant medicine ibogaine in 2022, I realized how necessary it was to have support and guidance from someone who understood what I was going through.

My work as a health journalist covering psychedelics and other drugs has allowed me to immerse myself in the latest research, trends, and conversations surrounding these substances. This unique perspective informs my coaching practice, ensuring that my clients receive up-to-date information and evidence-based support. My psychedelic travels with a wide variety of medicines and in many different settings have also provided me with invaluable knowledge and an empathetic ear, enriching my ability to guide others through their own journeys.

Whether you’re seeking to unravel the mysteries of past psychedelic experiences, prepare for upcoming journeys, or simply learn more about what these powerful substances have to offer, I’m here to accompany you. Embrace the journey with clarity, confidence, and a trusted guide by your side.

One-on-one psychedelic coaching might be for you if:

  • you are new to psychedelics and would like to learn more about them
  • you are ready to go on your first journey and could use some guidance
  • you’ve been taking medicine for a while and you are ready to take things to the next level
  • you’re ready to truly embody what you’ve learned by developing a lasting physical practice that supports your well-being

Skills: Preparation Coaching · Integration Coaching · Recovery Coaching · Medicine Guidance · Retreat Consulting · Movement Coaching

Personal experience with: Psilocybin · Ayahuasca · DMT · LSD · Ketamine · MDMA · Ibogaine · San Pedro · 3MMC · Cannabis

15-Minute Consultation

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  • Learn more about my offerings
  • Find out if we're a fit for each other
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1-Hour Session

  • Prepare for a safe psychedelic journey
  • Discuss and set your intentions
  • Learn valuable tools for staying present
  • Integrate your experience
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1-Month Subscription (4 Sessions)

  • Build a rapport & stay in touch
  • Prepare for a safe psychedelic journey
  • Discuss and set your intentions
  • Integrate your experience
  • Track your healing
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