Preparation and Integration Journal: Psychedelic Reflections


A question a day for five weeks to help you prepare for and integrate your next psychedelic journey


Psychedelic Reflections: a five-week preparation and integration journal offering advice and questions to help you get ready for your next deep journey.

Written and designed by Amanda Siebert, this preparation and integration journal is designed to be used for at least four weeks before a psychedelic experience and one week after, with five sections each offering one question per day. The process is intended to be slow — to maximize the time you have to reflect, and to minimize any anxiety you might have about what you’re about to experience.

Each section will help you prepare for the different aspects of the journey, from setting your intentions, to creating an ideal set and setting, to integration. This 60+ page PDF offers plenty of room for you to record your thoughts, and the convenient digital format means you can reuse it for future journeys. It is intended to be printed.

Using this journal will help you:

  • Process and reflect on your psychedelic experiences
  • Gain insights and lessons from your journeys
  • Track your personal growth and transformation

If you’re looking for additional support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Amanda for one-on-one preparation and integration coaching.

One-on-one psychedelic support might be for you if:

  • you are new to psychedelics and want to see if they might be for you
  • you are ready to go on your first journey and could use some guidance
  • you’ve been taking medicine for a while and you are ready to take things to the next level
  • you’re ready to truly embody what you’ve learned by developing a lasting physical practice that supports your well-being

Author Amanda Siebert offers books, articles, guides, coaching and more to help you prepare for and integrate your next psychedelic experience, plus personal training, group fitness, and other tools to cultivate a healthy movement practice.